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Mike Cinquanti

Amsterdam, NY has been called lots of things, some of them nice, some not so nice. I was born here and have lived here all 60-plus years of my life, so to me, its always been “home.” One of the things I most love about this place is its people. I’ve said it often, folks from Amsterdam always have an interesting story to tell from some part of their lives. They may express those stories in different ways but if you listen carefully, you’ll grab hold of what makes them special or unique. And when you weave all those stories together what you get is a true picture of the history and personality of this rusty old town of hills, mills and grills.

After writing over 600 of those stories and publishing them in two editions of a book I called A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam, NY Birthdays many of my readers were urging me to also write about the places, events, workplaces, traditions, and pastimes that define Amsterdam. So I came up with an All-Time Amsterdam Top Ten List format that permitted me to do so, eventually publishing a book that includes the first 50 of those lists. In all I’ve written over 1,000 stories about my hometown and you’ll find a preview of each one of them at this blog. What’s especially nice is the fact that you can use the search engine of this blog to find out if Amsterdam people, places, things and memories of interest to you are addressed in my collection. Each story is like a history lesson about this Mohawk Valley community presented in small doses that I hope, depending upon your age and how long you called this place home, will make you smile, maybe shed a tear, but most of all associate something good about Amsterdam, NY. The entire version of each story previewed at this blog is available in one of the three Amsterdam books I’ve published since 2015. You can see the table of contents and index for each of these books and order them online at this page.

12 thoughts on “About the Amsterdam, NY Blog

  1. Not quite sure who is the author of this blog but I just wanted to say thank-you to such a tribute to my father Gabe Centi on his birthday. Also, thank-you for mentioning my daughter as well, that was very touching to all of us.


  2. So nice of you to include Dan in your birthday tribute. He is such a hard worker and deserves some credit and attention. Paul and Dan are both lucky to have Mike as a friend. And I could certainly add a few stories to the history of their friendship!


  3. Mike, Thank you for including my dad, Pete LaBate, in your Birthday Blog. He was a humble man who never sought attention, but I know he would have quietly appreciated it.


  4. Does some one have to be a celebrity to be nominated. My Mother grew up on 57 Arch street in the 20’s, along with her sister Madelyn Abate Stradone and Tony Abate. She will be 100 yrs old this year. Born on December 15th, 1916. Mary Hoyt and Jackie Foust are my cousins. If you need more information I will do my best.


  5. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for including my grandfather, Big Joe Roberts in your Amsterdam NY birthday blog. I enjoy reading and learning about my grandparents during vaudeville and the silent film era.


  6. June 14, 2016


    Happy Birthday. If you need someone to write your birthday blog, please let me know.

    We have been friends since grade school at Guy Park and I have many stories to tell.

    Joe Turo


  7. My grandfather, Lloyd “Dinty” Moore was featured on February 3, 2016. Thank you so much for including him in your work. He was such a great guy. If you’d like a picture for him, I can probably get you one of those. I’d like to order several copies of the Volume 2 as soon as it is released. Thanks again, it was very much appreciated by our family.


  8. Mike thank you very much for mentioning me in one of your books. I cant tell you how thrill I was when someone told me about it. I plan to get a copy and i hope i may run into so you may sign it for me. Thank you again your friend Louie Velez

    Liked by 1 person

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