September 30 – Happy Birthday Andy Heck

Today’s Amsterdam Birthday Celebrant is in a position where he could visit anywhere in the country traveling in a top-of-the-line custom RV while towing a sleek new boat, which he could use to cruise whatever body of water he encounters along the way. But that is not how Andy Heck travels. Instead of driving on roads in one of his Alpin Haus vacation homes on wheels, he runs and cycles over them and instead of enjoying a lake or river in a boat, he swims across them. Heck is an avid participant in Ironman competitions, not because he expects to win them, but because he thrives on the challenge of completing them and improving his personal best times in the grueling process.

Andy has never been a stranger to tackling tough challenges. He earned his CPA after graduating from Siena in 1988. In 1992 he left his accounting firm job in Albany to take over the Presidency of Alpin Haus from his dad, Bud Heck. He immediately began working to grow the already huge recreation products provider by taking on new products and opening new locations and his efforts have achieved spectacular results. What I admire most about the way he runs the business is the way he’s always on the lookout for tools to keep his workforce educated and motivated.
He and his lovely wife Lorraine raised three kids who all have joined the staff at Alpin Haus. About the only time you will ever catch Andy sitting down is when he’s rooting on his beloved Siena Saints basketball team in his Times Union Arena court-side seat. The Heck family is one of Amsterdam’s greatest success stories and Andy Heck has been instrumental in making sure that story continues.

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