September 24 – Happy Birthday Bob Quick

BobandTWBob Quick was a good man. He was a smart man. He was a generous man. His sudden death in February of 2015 while wintering in Boynton Beach, FL, was a hard blow not just for his family and many friends, but also for the entire Amsterdam, NY community because Bob Quick loved his hometown too.

Born on September 24, 1943, he grew up in Amsterdam’s Rockton neighborhood, where he made lifelong friends and was active in all kinds of sports. After graduating from Lynch High School he went to the University of Buffalo and started his professional life as a teacher. He left the classroom to go to work for New York State, where he put together a 25-year career as a manager of information technology and chief information officer. He then leveraged all of his experience and his significant network of technical contacts into a consulting company he named Tailwind Associates. Tailwind specialized in providing software services to firms and organizations in both the public and private sector.

Bob’s timing was flawless. Remember the huge panic surrounding the Year 2000 Computer bug? The concern was that every computer in the World was going to crash when the new millennium hit because their operating system’s internal clocks might not be able to handle dates beyond 1999. Tailwind made a lot of money helping clients make sure they were prepared. Bob was also able to build an on-call collection of experienced software professionals in all technical areas and get them project based contract work with clients all over the country. It was a super successful business strategy and by 2013, Tailwind was exceeding $11 million in revenue annually, and had offices in Schenectady, North Carolina and Texas. For several years, Bob based Tailwinds main offices right here in Amsterdam, at the Riverfront Center.

Bob had retired from his full-time role at Tailwind and was enjoying a semi retirement, spending time with wife Elizabeth, playing lots of golf with his buddies and rooting for his beloved Yankees and the Syracuse Orange basketball team. I had also not known that Bob had at one time co-owned a fast pitch softball team that had won two World Championships. He was certainly a multi-faceted and very interesting guy.

Even after retiring, he remained very active in his community. He was one of my fellow members on the Liberty ARC Board. He also served on the Board of St Mary’s Healthcare and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He had a lot to offer these organizations, serving as the go to authority on information technology issues and opportunities. He is sorely missed by so many.

This former Amsterdam High School football great was also born on September 24.

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