September 22 – Happy Birthday Peter Urban

Urban2The invasion of Western Europe may have enabled the Allies to defeat Germany in WWII but it certainly brought life-altering tragedy to a young Amsterdam woman named Anna Urban. Within a matter of a few weeks, this Rug City native received notifications that her brother Lt. Vincent Dargush had been wounded in France, her twin brother Anthony Dargush had lost his life there and Peter Urban, her beloved husband of less than two-years had also been killed in action in the fighting that followed the June, 1944 D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Anna had married today’s Amsterdam Birthday Celebrant in a double ring ceremony in November of 1942 in an Atlanta church near her new husband’s Ft. Benning, Army base in Georgia. That is where Private Urban was attending parachute school. Urban, his wife and both her brothers had all attended Wilbur Lynch High School. He had been working at Mohawk Carpet Mills until being drafted into the Army in April of ’42. He was shipped overseas in December of 1943, where he spent three months in Ireland and two more in England, preparing for the D-Day jump. As we now know, parachute troops played a key role in the invasion, dropping in many cases behind enemy lines to capture key strategic locations in advance of the Allied landing forces. The fact that it took almost two months for the Army to notify Anna Urban of her husband’s June 8th death is probably indicative that his death was not discovered until advancing Allied troops reached the area of Urban’s jump target. Anna would later remarry. She passed away in 2005.


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