2019 Greater Amsterdam School District Hall of Fame Quiz

The Greater Amsterdam School District’s fifth annual Hall of Fame Induction Dinner is scheduled for Friday, September 20 at the Perthshire. The Hall of Fame Class of 2019 consists of ten deserving individuals and two legacy teams. In addition, a display (accompanying photo), which includes the names of every AHS Student since 1931 who earned Valedictorian or Salutatorian honors will be added to the District’s Hall of Fame.

See if you can answer the following questions about this year’s inductees. You’ll find a link to the correct answers at the end of this quiz.

1. This young powerhouse was Amsterdam’s first NY State Public High School Wrestling champion, the program’s first Eastern States Classic Champion and the first AHS wrestler to break the 250 career victory mark. Who is he?

2. She is the daughter of a former Amsterdam orthopedic surgeon, who now has an M.D. (and Ph.D) of her own and serves as an Associate Professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Molecular & Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. She is also the director of the Bone Marrow Failure Program at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. What is this brilliant woman’s name?

3. This former Amsterdam High School Physics teacher was born on August 5,1908 in a small village in Russia to Jewish parents, when that huge country was still a monarchy, and under the rule of the Romanov’s. Who was he?

4. He was considered the “Godfather” of the Greater Amsterdam School District’s instrumental music program. What was his name?

5. This Amsterdam native was paired on the anchor desk of a Boston TV news program with Natalie Jacobsen in the early 1970’s. Their on-air chemistry was instant and dynamic propelling their newscast to the top of the ratings. The couple’s off-air chemistry was pretty hot as well and the two were married in 1975. That made them the very first husband and wife co-anchors paired together on the same major market  newscast in television history. Who was this Amsterdam-born new anchor?

6. After she set a school record for most career three pointers (59) by an Amsterdam High basketball player between 2006 and ’08, this hot-shooting guard then put together a stellar hard-court career at Skidmore before earning her Medical Degree at U of Buffalo. What’s her name?

7. In 1995, Amsterdam Kicker Alvaro Montes nailed a last-minute 23-yard field goal to provide the winning points as the Amsterdam Rugged Rams captured the 1995 State Championship. What was the name of their opponent?

8. This amazing athlete was a gifted wide receiver on offense and a tough, ball-hawking safety on defense. He also punted the ball and returned kicks for some of Coach Pat Liverio’s greatest teams, including the 2005 State Champions. He was also a gifted basketball player for AHS and a sprinter and jumper on the School’s track and field squad. Who is he?

9. This amazing softball pitcher averaged 16 strikeouts per game while leading the AHS Softball team to its first Sectional Title in a quarter century back in 2005. Her first name is Sara and her last name was Puglisi back then. What is her last name now?

10. First hired as a Spanish teacher in 1961, this 2019 HOF inductee climbed the career ladder during his 30 plus year GASD tenure. He also served as a department chair, assistant principal, principal, director and finally superintendent. What is his name?

11. Probably because he coached the lines of two different Amsterdam High School State Championship football teams, his contribution to another sport often gets overlooked. In the early 1980’s he became head coach of an AHS Track & Field Program that had fallen on hard times and turned it into one of the School’s most popular and successful sports. Who was this outstanding mentor?

12. The 2007-08 AHS Girl’s Basketball Team will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Who was the head coach of that team?


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