August 26 – Happy Birthday William Mycek Jr.

mycek222If one didn’t know better, one might think that heredity had a lot to do with who filled the various judgeships that exist in New York State’s Montgomery County. Regardless of how it came to pass, the dispensing of justice in this area certainly seems as if it has evolved into a cross-generational family affair. The just retired Supreme Court Judge is Joe Sise, whose recently departed father, Robert Sise served in various judgeship roles during his long and distinguished career on both the county and state benches. Current Montgomery County Court Judge, the Hon. Felix Catena has even stronger genetic ties to the head seat of a local courtroom. His grandfather and namesake was the revered Supreme Court Judge Felix Aulisi and his dad, Gene Catena held the gavel in the local Family Court for many years. The county’s current Surrogate Court Judge is the former County D.A. Guy Tomlinson, whose dad Malcolm once held the same position and was also a long time Police Court Judge in the City of Amsterdam. And finally, last but not least is one of the newest members of the local bench, today’s Amsterdam Birthday Celebrant, William Mycek Jr, who was sworn in as Amsterdam City Court Judge while proudly wearing the robe of his late grandfather, former County Surrogate Court Justice John Mycek.

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