August 6 – Happy Birthday Evie O’Brien


Her real first name was Evelyn but everyone knew her as “Evie” O’Brien. She was born in Amsterdam, NY on August 6, 1936 to Samuel and Julia Coulter. Her charm, skills, love of life, love of people and huge heart made the Sacandaga Boat Club a very special experience for its members for the 33 years she worked there.

She had five children of her own, whom she adored but she treated the generations of SBC members she served as her family as well. She made you laugh, she listened to your problems, she kept your kids out of trouble and her Evie Burgers were to die for.

Stories of her kindness to others could fill a book. Her lipstick smearing kisses and warm hugs were both prized and legendary, as were the home-cooked Sunday dinners she prepared at the Club.

When she died in 2013 after battling cancer, an era truly had passed for SBC members. For so many of the families who spent huge parts of their lives enjoying treasured summers on that beautiful body of water, Evie O’Brien will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Eve shares her August 6th Birthday with this former Amsterdam industrialist.


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