June 30 – Happy Birthday Robert Going

On February 13, 2019 The City of Amsterdam lost a huge and eloquent chunk of it’s memory with the passing of Robert Neil Going. His passions, his intellect, his sense of humor, his politics, his incredible array of interests and experiences made him one of the most intriguing people ever to call Amsterdam home. A judge — a lawyer– a civil servant–a devout Catholic–an author & historian– a radio personality–a willing community volunteer–a lover of nature, art, food, Broadway plays, movies, the Red Sox & books–somehow a cousin to thousands–and most of all an immensely proud and loving dad, grandfather & husband, when Bob sold his long-time home on George Street and relocated to Albany a few years back, it felt as if twenty different people had left this town with him. And the saddest thing about his passing is knowing how much he loved the family he leaves behind, how he so enjoyed being with them and observing them do wonderful things with their lives. I was a huge fan of Bob’s writing. There are so many posts in his blog “The Judge Report” and at least an equal number of passages and pages in his wonderful books that I find to be powerfully and perfectly written. I’ve read so many of them two or three times already and I look forward to reading them again and again. Rest in peace Bob. You gave life here on Earth a wonderful ride.

Going shares his June 29th birthday with the most successful professional Amsterdam-born athlete in the history of our City.

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