June 15 – Happy Birthday Ryan Crane

You look at what’s happening to our country’s middle class and you listen to the evening news or Sunday morning week-in-review shows and its only natural that you worry about the fate of our younger generations. Then you look at today’s Amsterdam Birthday Blog celebrant and you smile and stop worrying so much.

Ryan Crane is on a mission. I remember him from his high school days when he was a member of those great Amsterdam High School football teams of the mid-nineties and friends with my oldest son. There are moments in everyone’s life when, regardless of what your life experiences have been up to that point, you decide once and for all what your future is going to be like and realize its entirely up to you to get there. Ryan seized that moment. He’s already figured out what it takes to be happy and successful in life and he’s implementing his plan to perfection.

But Ryan’s careers are clearly just a means to an end in his life. His number one priority is his family, beginning with his lovely wife and business partner, Megan. She’s the one who answers the phone when seal coating customers call and its that initial conversation folks have with Mrs. Crane that “seal” most of the company’s deals. But being an outstanding customer service representative is her second most important role in the Crane family empire. She and Ryan are parents of four young Cranes who are absolutely adorable, not to mention a full-time job in and of themselves.

Yet another thing I love observing via the miracle of a Facebook friendship is watching the ongoing development of the “Crane Ranch.” It includes their solar-powered home, the headquarters and infrastructure of Crane Sealcoating and a veritable playground for their energetic, into-everything boys.

A husband, a dad, a full-time teacher, an owner of a growing business, and more recently, a member of his local Board of Education, Ryan Crane’s to do list must get mighty long but something tells me he doesn’t mind at all. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished Mr. Crane and Happy Birthday!

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