April 29 – A Quiz About Amsterdam’s Division Street

Though still a major west-to-east route through the city, the younger generations in Amsterdam most likely have no idea just how significant a street Division was in the history of this community. Right up until the mid 1930’s the eastern end of the thorougfare was home to this town’s post office, it’s high school and it’s phone company. From Guy Street east beautiful architecture graced both sides of the street in the way of well kept private homes, houses of worship fraternal clubhouses and professional offices, a few of which still stand. The street pretty much maintained its professional composition right up until the 1970’s when urban renewal, relocation of the junior high to Lynch Middle School and accommodation of the housing needs of Amsterdam’s senior and affordable housing residents created a whole new look and feel to Division. Let’s test your memory of this historic Rug City artery.

1. This business has been owned by the same family for almost 90 years, all of them spent on Division Street. The original owner was tragically murdered in the store’s first location. His son converted the original business model of the business from retail to strictly wholesale in the current Division Street location and his grandson (pictured above) and now great grandchildren have kept it going. What is the name of this business?

2. Can you name all the side streets that connect Division Street to West Main Street?

3. The Amsterdam Doctor pictured above maintained both a home and office at 87 Division Street for many years. What was his name?

4. The Division Street edifice pictured above once served as the regal residence of one of the biggest button makers in the United States. What was his name?


5. At the turn of the 20thCentury, the ornate row of Division Street apartments pictured above was considered one of the most exclusive residential blocks in the City of Amsterdam. Urban Renewal  demolished them in the 1970s to clear the way for the New Amsterdam rent-controlled housing complex that still occupies the south side of Division west of Wall Street. What was the popular nickname for the original block of apartments pictured above.

6.The building pictured above was once a private residence located on the northside of Division St. in between Leonard and Yeoman Streets. In 1888 it was converted into what?

Click here for the correct answers:

If you’d like to see the rest of the questions in my 20-question Division Street Trivia Quiz when it becomes available next week, put your e-mail address on my Amsterdam Trivia Quiz mailing list. There’s no charge. You can sign up here!


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