March 30 – Happy Birthday Tony Greco & Bill Sikora

One of the things I most love about still living in Amsterdam are my friendships with other people, some of which are almost as old as I am! Two of those old friends are celebrating birthdays today and both of them have spent their entire lives helping to make this community a better place to live.

Happy Birthday Tony Greco – I met Tony Greco sixty years ago in Mrs. Pallazole’s Guy Park Avenue kindergarten class. And guess what? I had breakfast with him last week. In between, he became one of the great cornerbacks in AHS Gridiron history with the John Los-coached 1970 and ’71 Rugged Ram Class A championship football teams. He would later pay his football skills forward, becoming one of the all-time winningest Little Giants’ head coaches with his monster Maroon Wildcat teams back in the 1980’s. And if there was ever a foreign spy posing as a citizen of Amsterdam, you could catch him by showing him a picture of Tony and asking him who it was. Why? Because everyone in this town knows Tony Greco. Before his back went bad Tony put his gifted painting and wallpapering skills to work throughout the great northeast and in scores of Amsterdam homes. His remarkable Mom Mary has turned 90 and Tony if you’re reading this, don’t get upset when I tell folks she looks younger than you do!

Happy Birthday Bill Sikora – I’ve only known this birthday celebrant for fifty years. Like Tony Greco and your’s truly, Billy Sikora is a product of the Wilbur Lynch High School Class of 1972. He was a great schoolboy athlete, catching Gary Tuck’s passes as a wide receiver in football and nailing his unorthodox side winder outside shots on the AHS hardcourt. Billy was also always a “hustler” and I mean that in a completely positive way. He had the curiosity, instinct and maturity level at a very young age to treat every job he had as an opportunity to learn more about business and working with people. From Raindancer to Subway to a long tenure as director of production at Liberty ARC, my friend has put together a wonderful and successful career of accomplishment during which he’s had a positive impact on the lives of so many folks in our community.


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