Amsterdam Battle of the Bands Reunion – Feedback Form

Remember back in the day when great Amsterdam bands played dances every weekend at the Columbian Center and Bishop Scully or were featured live at venues like the Bronze Bell and Meadow Brook? Names like “The Dynamics“, “The Maze“, “Collector’s Item” and “Society” were displayed proudly on the skins of the drummer’s bass and we danced for hours to what were then wonderful renditions of hot top ten hits.

The Amsterdam Waterfront Foundation is currently investigating the feasibility of gathering a group of at least five of these former bands for a reunion concert at Amsterdam’s Riverfront Park to be included as one of the organization’s popular Saturday evening concerts. We’ve set aside July 27, 2019 as a date when such a reunion could take place. Now we need to find out if these classic old bands are interested in participating and if they are, we’d like to also find out how likely members of the Amsterdam community would attend this free admission event.

If you were a one-time member of an Amsterdam band that played local venues at anytime between 1960-2010 we’d like to get your feedback regarding how feasible it would be for your old band to reunite and play a two-or-three song set at this event. Would you be willing to pull out the drumsticks, guitar straps and sheet music one more time to benefit your old hometown and rekindle precious memories for some of your long-ago fans?

If you are a current or former resident of the Amsterdam community, we’d like to get your feedback regarding if you would or would not be likely to attend this free event. Thanks in advance for helping us determine the feasibility of what we think could be a fun and wonderful celebration of Amsterdam’s own golden oldies era. (Note: If you are not a former member of an Amsterdam band but have close regular contact with someone who is and are willing to contact this individual on the Foundation’s behalf, please make sure you submit answers to the last two questions on the following form.)



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