Answers to “The Amsterdam, NY Bars, Taverns & Grills A,B,C” Trivia Quiz

Answer to Question No. 1: A is for The Armory Grill – The building the grill now occupies actually pre-dates the Armory, which was constructed in 1894. Before it became a restaurant it was The Suits Hotel (pictured above on left), named after the family that owned it. The bar of the popular Amsterdam eatery is one of the oldest in the city. The Armory Grill has been in the competent hands of  the Parillo Family for a couple of generations and is now run by Ralph and Jackie Parllo.

Answer to Question No. 2: B is for Bigelow Weavers Club – I’m not sure if there are still any members of this Brookside Ave. organization that actually worked in the Bigelow-Sanford Mills but that’s how it got it’s start, as a social and recreational gathering spot for the men (only) who wove the world-famous carpets that gave Amsterdam it’s Rug-City nickname. Before it became a clubhouse, the structure was the residence of William Barclay Charles, a textile merchant who made his fortune selling cotton and wool to Amsterdam’s gigantic carpet and knitting mills. Charles was at one time Amsterdam’s representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Answer to Question No. 3: C is for Corner Tavern, which was owned by Bill Pabis (pictured above), who also served as the City of Amsterdam’s Recreation Commissioner when John Gomulka was the mayor.

Answer to Question No. 4: D is for Draus’s Grill which stood almost opposite Ludwin’s on the east side of Church Street in the building above (as it appears today).

Answer to Question No. 5: E – stands for East Main Street bars and the only one of the five listed in this question that did not have an East Main Street address was Tower Tavern, which was owned by John and Nell Slusarz. The Tower was on Lark Street less than a block up from East Main in the building pictured above as it appears today. At least you can still see how this once-popular East End watering hole got it’s name.

I’ll distribute the rest of my Amsterdam Bars, Taverns & Grills A-B-C Trivia Quiz later this month to everyone who is on the e-mail distribution list for my Amsterdam Trivia Quizzes. There’s no charge to get on the list and you can join here. This will be the thirteenth quiz in my series.











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