The neighborhoods of Amsterdam are filled with structures that once housed cherished neighborhood grocery stores where Rug City residents would purchase the ingredients they needed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a pack of smokes, a six pack of beer, a quart of milk and maybe even play a three digit number or two. My next Amsterdam Trivia Quiz will focus on twenty of the mom & pop markets that used to play such an integral role in the life and economy of our community. I’ll be distributing the complete quiz later this week, but here’s a five question preview to rekindle your neighborhood grocers memories. How many can you get right?

1. You can still make out the outline of the now hidden street-level storefront of this home at the corner of Glen and Lincoln Avenues. What was the name of this neighborhood grocery store?

2. Now an office for an insurance agency, this building was once the home of a busy Guy Park Avenue neighborhood grocery store that was named after the first name of its proprietor. What was that name?

3. This building once was home to one of Amsterdam’s very best Italian sausage makers. What was his last name, which was also the name of his West End neighborhood grocery store?

4. This building at the corner of Division and Caroline Streets was once the home of the West End’s largest independently owned grocery store. Do you remember the name the market?

5. Tymotej Laba and Garoslaw Rynar once operated a market named after its Amsterdam neighborhood from this storefront. Do you remember that name?


My 20 question Amsterdam Neighborhood Grocery Store quiz will be distributed to everyone on my mailing list later this week. There’s no cost to join the list and you can do so here.

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