Amsterdam, NY Trivia Quiz: What do you know about the West End?

This new quiz focuses on the City’s West End neighborhood. The complete quiz includes 20 questions. I present the first five questions and correct answers below. I will be e-mailing all 20 questions to members of this blog’s mailing list later this week:

1) Beginning in 1958, his West Main Street business was the only location in Amsterdam’s West End where motorists could “put a Tiger in their tank”. Who was he?

2) An extremely large percentage of the Italian immigrants who settled in the West End during the early Twentieth Century all came from the same town in the southern part of Italy. What was the name of this town?

3) This West End father and son duo both starred for Amsterdam High School football teams thirty years apart. The Dad was the tough-as-nails leader of a defensive unit that carried Amsterdam to a 1948 league championship. Three decades later his son reached the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the Rugged Rams. Can you identify this dynamic duo?

4) This West End native who grew up on Gardiner Street was the first individual of Italian heritage to be elected Mayor of Amsterdam. Who was he?

5) The guy pictured above was the only one of Sammy Pepe’s four sons who did not end up working in the iconic West Main Street restaurant their father founded as an adult. Which of the Pepe brothers is he?

You will find the answers to the above five questions about Amsterdam’s West End neighborhood beginning right below this paragraph.  The complete West End Trivia Quiz has a total of twenty questions in all. If you’d like to see the other 15, I will be including them in the next issue of my new Amsterdam NY Trivia Quiz Newsletter which I will be distributing later this week to everyone currently on this blog’s mailing list. If you’re not on the list, you can subscribe here. There’s no cost for subscribing and when you do, you will receive a minimum of six new Amsterdam, NY Trivia Contests which I intend to distribute every month, via e-mail. Now here are the answers to the first five questions in today’s Amsterdam, NY Trivia Quiz.
Answer to question number 1: His name was Albert Turo and he owned and operated the Esso gas station that was located across from the foot of Bayard Street next to the now-closed Sansalone’s Market. Al ran that station for close to a half century. One year after he took over the location, Esso introduced their “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” ad campaign and it became one of the most successful and longest lasting promotions in history. Al’s youngest son Tom later took over ownership of the business from his dad and ran it for many years.
Pisciotta, Italy

Answer to question number 2: The hillside town in southern Italy that was the original home to many of the Italian families who settled in Amsterdam during the early 1900’s was Pisciotta, in the province of Salerno.

Answer to question number 3: Both father and son shared the same name, Anthony Sculco.

Frank Martuscello

Answer to question number 4: His name was Frank Martuscello. He was first elected Mayor of Amsterdam in 1956 and then again in 1960.
John Pepe

Answer to question number 5 : John Pepe was the only son of Sammy Pepe who did not go to work at his father’s West Main St. restaurant as an adult. Instead, he went to college for his engineering degree and eventually became the long time Commissioner of Public Works for Montgomery County. His three younger brothers, Jim, Sam  and Joe all had long careers at the restaurant.

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