Amsterdam, NY Trivia Quiz: Category – Streets & Neighborhoods

Anyone fortunate enough to have attended the Historic Amsterdam League’s eighth annual Neighborhood Tour this past weekend (6/9/2018), will have an easier time answering the questions in today’s Amsterdam Trivia Quiz than those of you who did not. This new quiz focuses on the City’s Market Hill neighborhood. The complete quiz includes 20 questions. I present the first five questions and correct answers below. I will be e-mailing all 20 questions to members of this blog’s mailing list later this week:

1) What were the names of the husband and wife team that used to own and run Mac’s Confectionary on Amsterdam’s Glen Avenue?

2) Before the Pakenas family opened a dry cleaning business at 110 Brookside Avenue in the mid 1940’s, Elmer Welch ran his own very popular business at that location. Any idea what sort of business Welch operated?

3) When Sammy Fariello suffered a debilitating stroke in the late 1970’s his son took over the running of his legendary Confectionary at 43 Lincoln Ave. Do you remember his son’s first name and his popular nickname?

4) Dave Blinsinger, the very popular head butcher at the original Joe’s Market on Market Street was known by a very popular nickname. Do you remember what customer’s and the Market’s staff used to call Blinsinger back then?

5) The only Market Hill City firehouse opened in 1907 at the corner of Chestnut and Bunn Street’s and remained in operation till the mid 1970’s centralization of all of Amsterdam’s firefighting resources at the new Public Safety Building. Every neighborhood firehouse used to have a number assigned to it. What number was this long-time Market Hill fire house assigned?

You will find the answers to the above five questions about Market Hill beginning right below this paragraph.  The complete Market Hill Trivia Quiz has a total of twenty questions in all. If you’d like to see the other 15, I will be including them in the first issue of my new Amsterdam NY Trivia Quiz Newsletter which I will be distributing later this week to everyone currently on this blog’s mailing list. If you’re not on the list, you can subscribe here. There’s no cost for subscribing and when you do, you will receive a minimum of six new Amsterdam, NY Trivia Contests which I intend to distribute every month, via e-mail. Now here are the answers to the first five questions in today’s Amsterdam, NY Trivia Quiz.

Answer to question number 1: Mac’s Confectionary was owned and managed by Mac & Virginia Rianno.

Answer to question number 2: Before Pakenas Cleaners took over the  building at 110 Brookside Avenue it was the home of Welch’s Bottling Works which bottled and distributed its own line of soda’s under their own “American Boy” Label.

Answer to question number 3: Sammy Fariello’s son’s name was “Robert” but he was widely known by his nickname “Fadge”. Fadge kept the iconic business moving forward after his father’s stroke until he was tragically felled by a brain tumor in late 1985.

Answer to question number 4: The nickname of Joe’s Market’s legendary meat cutter Dave Blinsinger was “Dynamite”.

Answer to question number 5: The Market Hill City firehouse located at the corner of Chestnut and Bunn Street’s was designated No. 4 by the Amsterdam Fire department.

Don’t forget, there are 15 more memory challenging questions in my new Market Hill Trivia Quiz which will be e-mailed later this week to all members of this blog’s mailing list. If you are not already on that list you can sign up FREE here.

I highly recommend that those who missed the HAL Northern Neighborhoods Tour do not miss the chance to purchase the 48-page companion book HAL put together for the event. It costs $11.00 per copy (postage & sales tax  included) and you can order it via mail-order direct from HAL at Historic Amsterdam League, PO Box 132, Amsterdam, N.Y. 12010. Copies of the book will also be available in the next few days at the following Amsterdam locations: Book Hound at 16 East Main St, the Amsterdam Free Library on Church Street, the Inman Senior Center at 53 Guy Park Ave., the PAV Club at 56 Church Street and the Elwood Museum at 100 Chirch Street.

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