Answers to Amsterdam, NY “Order in the Court” Trivia Quiz


Answer to Question No. 1: His name was Robert Briskie and he joined the Amsterdam law office of James Doyle in 1957, replacing Bob Sise. Briskie passionately defended the manager of a local movie theater who had been charged with public obscenity, telling the local newspaper he would take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary to overturn the guilty verdict of the local judge.

Hardies on right

Answer to Question No. 2: Charles E. Hardies Jr. was used to living on the fringe of the spotlight. His father had been considered sort of a legal legend around these parts as both a district attorney and corporate counsel. His sister had married Malcolm Atterbury, Jr, the son of a very wealthy Pennsylvania railroad executive, who went on to become a well known Hollywood character actor. So when the younger Hardies was sworn in as Montgomery County DA in the early 1970’s, it seemed as if it was his time to shine. Alas, his timing proved poor. The state investigation into city gambling and public/police department corruption knocked him off balance and he was never able to fully recover.

von Wiegen

Answer to Question No. 3: Erich von Wiegen had arrived in Amsterdam in the late seventies with a flamboyant reputation as a hard-charging malpractice attorney. His son’s unfortunate accident mellowed him and he spent the next few years devoted to the child’s recovery.


Answer to Question No. 4: Amsterdam City Court Judge Howard Aison made it his mission to turn his courtroom into a profit center.


Answer to Question No. 5: Phil Cortese served both Mayor’s Parillo and Duchessi as Corporation Counsel before becoming Montgomery County Family Court Judge.



Salmon Sr.

Answer to Question No. 6: Carl Salmon Sr. began his family’s streak of dispensing legal expertise and services in Amsterdam in 1911.  First his son Carl Jr, and now his grandsons, James and Del have continued the practice, now in it’s 107th year.


Answer to Question No. 7: As administrator of the Wasserman Foundation, Amsterdam attorney Norb Sherbunt had significant influence as to how grants from the Foundation’s assets could be expended. He used that influence to steer the organization’s funds to the installation of lights at Lynch Stadium, the home field of Amsterdam’s Rugged Rams. Friday night football instantly became Amsterdam’s very favorite thing to do.



Answer to Question No. 8: The correct choice is C. Guy Tomlinson served as Montgomery County DA and is currently the Surrogate Court Judge but has not served on the State Supreme Court bench.


Answer to Question No. 9: The correct choice is C. Joe Barnett was a popular Amsterdam attorney for many years but never served on the bench in any capacity.


Answer to Question No. 10: The correct choice is D. Paul Wollman was a City Court Judge at one time but it was his son Joseph Wollman who served as Family Court Judge and not Paul.


Answer to Question No. 11: The correct choice is D. Richard Insogna was one of Amsterdam’s busiest private attorneys for a very long time but was never the Montgomery County DA.


Answer to Question No. 12: Dave Vicinanzo is the oldest of the seven children born to former Amsterdam attorney Vince Vicinanzo and his lovely wife Anne. Their sons and daughters have certainly proved to be a most impressive achieving brood. Dave’s brother Paul is a retired US Navy Captain and is currently in charge of USAID relief efforts in Africa, the Middle East and Indo/Asia.  His brother Phil is the only sibling still in the area. He went to Harvard and has master’s degrees from the University of Kent in England and RPI.  He has worked in a NYC hedge fund for many years. His sister Marie went to Cornell and obtained a masters at NYU.  She works in the pharma industry. His sister Jeanne graduated from Cornell and after getting her masters married an attorney and settled in Scarsdale where they are raising seven kids of their own. His youngest sister, Anne captained the cross-country team at Duke, where she received an engineering degree.  She moved to DC and helped design what is now called the Capital One Arena where the Capitals and Wizards play. Youngest child Matt graduated from Harvard and and is now a highly specialized eye/brain surgeon in private practice in Alabama and on the faculty at the University of Alabama Medical School. Dave’s dad passed away but his mom Anne is doing well at 85 and still summers on the Sacandaga.

Snook Borst

Answer to Question No. 13: Daisy Snook Borst was born in Amsterdam, NY in 1886. Her dad was a member of the same Snook family for whom the Snook’s Corners hamlet in the town of Florida and Snook’s Corners Rd. are both named.She became the first woman ever admitted to Albany Law School, where she graduated at the very top of her class in 1912. When she passed the New York State Bar, she became the first Montgomery County-born female lawyer in history. She would go into private practice with Amsterdam attorney James Ferguson, becoming the first practicing female lawyer in the history of the Rug City. She became the first female president of the Montgomery County Bar Association in 1950.


Answer to Question No. 14:  The candidates for Montgomery County District Attorney in the 2016 election were Kelli McCoski and Howard Aison. McCoski was victorious that November, winning nearly sixty percent of the vote.


Answer to Question No. 15: The correct answer is D. Jeff Francisco has never served in the office of Corporation Counsel.


Answer to Question No. 16: John Kosinski. When Kosinski died in March of 1974, his fellow Amsterdam attorney Fred Partyka called the Amsterdam native “one of the Polish giants” for proving that Amsterdam’s Polish-American community could prosper in America.


Answer to Question No. 17: Marcus Breier was the last Amsterdam Mayor to have a law degree though he never practiced law with it. His predecessor as Amsterdam Mayor, Frank Martuscello was the last practicing lawyer to serve as Amsterdam’s Mayor.


Answer to Question No. 18: Former Montgomery County Family Court Judge Bob Sise played minor league baseball in both the North Atlantic and Canadian American Leagues back in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.


Answer to Question No. 19: The former Amsterdam DA who defended Lemuel Smith on those burglary charges was Charles Tracy, whose brother was the AHS baseball coaching legend, Jack Tracy.


Answer to Question No. 20: The Amsterdam lawyer pictured above is Ned Wilkinson, son of an Amsterdam banker and brother of a heroic WWII pilot who was killed in action. The charismatic Wilkinson established one of the most successful law practices in Amsterdam history before a brain tumor felled him in 1986 at the age of just 57.


Answer to BONUS Question No.1: The Amsterdam lawyer pictured above is Richard Horigan, who many considered to be Amsterdam’s best defense attorney during the second half of the 20th Century.

Rosalie & Mike Riccio

Answer to BONUS Question No.2: Her name was Rosalie Aulisi Riccio. Her father was State Supreme Court Justice Felix Aulisi and she was married to long-time City Court Judge Michael Riccio, whose pictured with her in the above photo.










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