Amsterdam, NY Trivia Quiz – Category: Sports

How good is your knowledge of Amsterdam sports history? Here are ten questions that will test your memory of outstanding athletes and teams who have provided Rug City sports fans with plenty of special moments. How many can you answer correctly? The answers are posted after Question number 10:

1) This former Harvard Avenue resident was a three time winner of the prestigious New York State Amateur Golf Championship. Can you name her?

2) He was the first football player in Section II history to score 200 points in a season Who was he?

3) Can you name two Amsterdam residents who played Major League baseball?

4) Who was the first girl in the history of Amsterdam High School’s cross-country program to qualify for the NY State Championship Meet?

5) Can you name the last boy and the last girl to break the 1,000 point career mark for the Amsterdam High School boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball programs?

6) In 2016, he became the first Amsterdam native to win an Athlete of the Year honor for a major Division 1 college conference. Who was he?

7) She was the first female to wrestle for the Amsterdam High School’s Varsity Wrestling program. Who is she?

8) Only one former basketball player from St. Mary’s Institute and just one from Bishop Scully were able to score more than 1,000 points during their high school basketball careers. Can you name both players?

9) Can you name two former Amsterdam Rugmaker Baseball Players who made Major League All Star teams?

10) Amsterdam High School Varsity Baseball Coach Brian Mee’s 1973, ’74 and ’75 teams set a New York State record for consecutive victories. How many games did they win during their historic streak?

Bonus Question: Who is the former Amsterdam High School football player pictured at the beginning of this quiz? (Hint: One of his sons later played football for Brown University)

Correct answer for question 1

Dianne Wilde

Correct answer for question 2

Brian Niezgoda

Correct answers for question 3:

Roger Bowman
Steve Kuczek
Jack Hammond
Jake Reisigl

Correct answer for question 4:

Olivia Lazarou

Correct answers for question 5:

Kory Bergh
Giuliana Pritchard

Correct answer for question 6: Izaiah Brown, who won Big Ten Indoor Track Athlete of the Year award as a freshman at Rutgers in 2016.

Izaiah Brown

Correct answer for question 7: 

Nicole Benton

Correct answers for question 8:

Bill Bresonis for St. Mary’s
Cappy Wells for Bishop Scully

Correct answers for question 9:

Vic Raschi


Lou Burdette
Bob Grim


Gus Triandos


Spec Shea

Correct Answer for question 10: 53 straight games

Brian Mee

Correct Answer Bonus Question: 

Gene Catena: 1948 AHS Football MVP

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam, NY Trivia Quiz – Category: Sports

  1. Mike I only got 3/10. Here’s one for you. Who was the first basketball player to score at the new Amsterdam High School? Dennis Diamond.


    1. Thanks Phil! I did not know that about Dennis Diamond, who was an excellent basketball player. Ironically, Dennis’s older brother Jimmy was the first person to hit my ’63 Ford Galaxie with a very ripe tomato with a 40 yard toss from the high school fields over the trees onto Northampton Rd. Those Diamond boys were an accurate bunch!


  2. How about that guy from Chapel Place who won the National Golden Gloves Championship in the light-heavyweight division😁


  3. You mean my old golfing buddy who hit a ball as well as anyone back in the day . Probably one of best fullbacks AHS ever had in his short career ( by choice ) . Could have played any sport he chose . Lucky for Mike Tyson he chose boxing . On top of that just great human being and a lot of fun .

    Liked by 1 person

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