December 22 – Happy Birthday Eddie “Liber” Librantowski

liber222His real name is Edward Librantowski but in Amsterdam he’s known simply as Eddie Liber. He graduated from St. Mary’s Institute in 1961 and then served his country as a member of the US  Navy. After his discharge, he went to work at GE. Then in the late 1970’s he decided he wanted to open a bar. There was a building available at 226 West Main Street in Amsterdam that from the outside wasn’t very impressive. To tell you the truth, it was even a bit less impressive on the inside. But it turned out be the absolute perfect place for Liber’s Tavern…

You can read the rest of my story about Eddie and his legendary watering West Main Street watering hole in the new 2nd Edition of “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam, NY Birthdays”, which is now available at Liberty Fresh Market in Amsterdam.

Eddie’s birthday post will be the last birthday post I put up at the blog. I have enjoyed sharing these stories (over 600 of them in total) with all of you during the past two years. In the mean time, if anyone out there comes up with an idea that requires a decent writer, give me a call!

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