December 13 – Happy Birthday Buddy Flesh & Frank Pozniak

flesh222…I watched this guy compete a lot when he was in high school. The thing that always amazed me about Flesh was how “quietly” fast he was. By that I mean it never looked like he was moving at a high rate of speed but yet he could turn a corner on a football sweep, go the length of the court for a layup or first to third on a single with the fleetest of them. It didn’t surprise me to learn that he stole 77 bases in four years of minor league ball. Yet he was also physically strong. He could drive a baseball and throw a football over long distances and he was also an amazing leaper and rebounder for a guy his size…

You can read the rest of my story about Buddy Flesh in the new 2nd Edition of “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam, NY Birthdays”, which is now available at Liberty Fresh Market in Amsterdam. If you can’t get to the Market use this form to let me know you’d like a copy and I will make sure you get one.

frankpoz22I consider Flesh the greatest all-around Amsterdam High School athlete of the 1960’s. Coincidentally, I learned just this morning that he shares a birthday with the guy I consider to be the greatest Amsterdam High School athlete of the 1970’s, Frank Pozniak. Like Flesh, Pozniak was a three-sport star during his days on the hill and he went on to play football for Brown University and later settled in Massachusetts. Happy Birthday Frank and Buddy!


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