December 12 – Happy Birthday Jacob Reisigl

reisiglThough he didn’t move to Amsterdam, NY until after his professional playing days were over, of the four one-time residents of this city to play big league baseball, Jacob Reisigl was the first to do so. It was way back in 1911, so long ago that the team he pitched for is now called the Cleveland Indians but way back then were known as the Cleveland Naps. After hanging up his glove for good, Reisigl moved to Amsterdam where he got a job stringing line for the local power company and never left. He married a local girl, raised a family and became a very busy umpire for the city’s youth baseball leagues. After he retired from the power company, he took a job as the crossing guard at a local grade school.

It’s a real nice story and I tell it all in my new second edition of A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam NY Birthdays. It’s on sale now at Amsterdam’s Liberty Fresh Market. If you can’t get there, use this form to let me know you want a copy and I will contact you.

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