December 4 – Happy Birthday Liz Andrysczcyk Biondi

lizzie222I can very clearly remember sitting in the audience during an evening performance of the 1969 Amsterdam High School Drama Club’s production of Peter Pan and thinking to myself, “She’s actually better than Mary Martin!” The “she” I was referring to was Liz Andrysczcyk, a soon-to-turn 16-year-old Amsterdam native who had just transferred to AHS from Bishop Scully that fall. She switched schools specifically to have the opportunity to do exactly what she had just done that evening, wow an auditorium filled with people with an amazing theatrical performance in a Bert DeRose directed musical. DeRose had cast her in the featured role in the classic J. M. Barrie story made famous on Broadway by actress Mary Martin. She stole the stage that night with her spot-on performance as Pan, her physicality and her outstanding singing voice. In fact, she sang her featured number, “I Gotta Crow” better than I’ve ever heard it sung by anyone before or since…

You can read the rest of my story about Liz in the new 2nd Edition of my book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam NY Birthdays” which will be available for sale on Saturday, December 10, 2016. If you’d like to receive a copy from the first printing, fill out this reservation form and someone will contact you. The book will also be on sale at Liberty Fresh Market (4867 NY Route 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010) beginning that same day!

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