October 26 – Happy Birthday Gary “Bink” Gillan

binkyg…The last time I saw him was up at the Raindancer Restaurant. My wife and I were sitting at the bar with another couple when suddenly I heard his distinctive brogue-like voice call me by my nickname “Mikey C.” I knew who it was before tuning around and during the course of the very last conversation I ever had with one of my all-time favorite conversationalists, he told me he read every one of my Birthday posts and absolutely loved them. I wish he were still around to read this one. Bink Gillan was one of the wittiest, most intelligent people I ever met and I miss him to this day…

What popular Amsterdam drinking and eating spot did Bink once co-manage?

I tell you in the new 2nd Edition of my book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam NY Birthdays” which will be available for sale on Saturday, December 10, 2016. If you’d like to receive a copy from the first printing, fill out this reservation form and someone will contact you. The book will also be on sale at Liberty Fresh Market (4867 NY Route 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010) beginning that same day!


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