October 19 – Happy Birthday Kevin McKearn

Kevin and Tina

Facebook has changed the way current and former Amsterdam residents stay in touch with each other and keep track of what has happened and is happening in their hometown.  One of the things I like most about using the immensely popular social networking site is that it provides the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances who you haven’t remained in touch with, permitting you to catch up on each other’s lives.

Kevin McKearn was born on September 19, 1954. After growing up on Amsterdam’s Market Hill and graduating from Scully in 1972 he went to Buffalo State and then began a long career in sales at Amsterdam’s Mohawk Finishing. He eventually settled in Niskayuna, where he raised his two kids.

Since we went to different high schools here in Amsterdam, I never hung around with Kevin back in the day but whenever we happened to be in the same place at the same time over the years, I was always struck by his ability to “take over the room!” Since becoming “Facebook friends” a few years ago I’ve learned he brings that same charisma factor online as well. Here’s ten things you should know about former Amsterdam resident Kevin McKearn: (I’ve completed and listed the first five of the ten items about Kevin below. I’ll have the final five completed in time for this month’s Amsterdam NY Birthday Blog Newsletter. If you don’t already subscribe to this free newsletter you can do so here.)

1 – He has to be one of the top ten best-looking guys ever to hail from Amsterdam, NY, probably even top five! How handsome is he? We’re talking right up there with Paul Newman and George Clooney-type good looks.

2 – He knows more people than I thought it was physically possible for one person to know. When he started his Facebook page, he got so many friend requests during its first hour of being live that it shut down Facebook’s server-farm. And I’m not just talking about common-folk acquaintances like me. His Smart Phone contact list is loaded with star power too, including Tony Soprano’s former body guard Furio, the Beekman Boys, Snoop Dog and David Hyde Pierce from Frasier.

3 – Politically, he’s a proud progressive who was a devout supporter of Bernie Sanders  in his quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination during the 2016 primary season. Of course he knows Bernie Sanders because he met him back in 1980 when Sanders was elected Mayor of Burlington, VT. McKearn crashed the guy’s victory party and even had the balls to complain when the bartender told him they weren’t serving old fashions. According to rumors, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been pressing him hard for his Facebook page endorsement but even though he thinks Trump would be an unmitigated disaster in the White House, he has not declared officially yet. The beauty of McKearn is that he is able to argue a political point vociferously on-line with someone who disagrees with him and then meet that individual at a bar in Schenectady and have a beer with him or her.

4 – He is the most effective muckraker on Facebook. Why? First of all he’s engineered his FB Friends’ list so that it is in direct proportion to the voting demographic of the US electorate. He then carefully crafts loaded questions about whatever political campaign happens to be center stage nationally at that moment and posts them. He then sits back and enjoys the fireworks. The responders range from David Duke fan club members and the last remaining disciples of Tammy Faye Baker to still-active Nader’s Raiders and 70 year-old hippies who went on hunger strikes with Cesar Chavez back in the sixties. Some of his most controversial social network threads have gone on for weeks at a time!

5 – The real loves of Kevin’s life are his son Sean and grandson Berke who live in Florida, his beautiful daughter Lindsay who is out in California, and his long-time lovely lady friend Tina.

One thought on “October 19 – Happy Birthday Kevin McKearn

  1. As handsome as he is , he’s even kinder. I love his passion for the rights of animals . Without ever meeting his Romeo I feel in love with him through Kevin ‘ s sweet posts about him.


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