October 18 – Happy Birthday Anthony Vorse

vorseimage222On Tuesday evening, November 23, 1931, the Amsterdam City Council certified the appointments of two individuals who would go on to long successful careers in the employ of the Rug City. That night, a young John Gomulka became Superintendent of City Streets and today’s Amsterdam Birthday Celebrant began his own career as a member of the Amsterdam Police Department.

Gomulka of course, would become Amsterdam’s Mayor almost four decades later. The new cop, Anthony Vorse would distinguish himself many times during the twenty years he served the city in a law enforcement capacity. His generation of cohorts on the police force back then had last names like Bush, Stark, Fiebka, and Luzinas. They would all wear badges from the time my Dad was just a little kid till I entered high school. Anthony Vorse didn’t hang on as long.

Born on October 18, 1905 in Amsterdam, he was one one of nine children in his family, which included seven sisters. His only brother, Lou Vorse was a popular musician and bandleader in this area before moving to California.

Vorse was a true student of his profession. He attained honors status at just about every professional training course he attended during his career and in 1945 he was selected by the Albany district office of the FBI as the candidate to attend the National Police Academy held in Washington DC. This guy was evidently also one of the great marksman ever to wear an Amsterdam police badge. He graduated from two US Army small arms firing schools and then in 1950 he was awarded first prize in pistol matches conducted at the New York State Police Convention.

He remained a patrolman and traffic officer until August of 1947, when he was promoted to the rank of detective. Once he got that badge, he became involved in two of the most publicized murder cases in the history of the Rug City. The first was the murder of Amsterdam’s…

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