Amsterdam’s Top Ten All-Time Eat-In Restaurants


Here are the top three restaurants on the list. The rest will appear in the August 2016 issue of the Amsterdam NY Birthday Blog Newsletter which will be distributed via e-mail before the end of this month:

  • Russo’s – Outlasted them all and still going strong.
  • Isabel’s – The booth room was magical and the thin-fried eggplant appetizer divine.
  • Brownie’s – At three AM, two dogs all the way with fries & gravy and a chocolate milk were all that mattered.

Your comments are more than welcome!

Subscribers to the Amsterdam NY Birthday Blog Newsletter will find out what other current and former Amsterdam eateries made the grade in the upcoming August issue. We will be featuring an Amsterdam Birthday Blog All Time Top Ten list in each monthly issue of the newsletter going forward. Next month’s list will identify our choice for the Top Ten Amsterdam-born Baseball Players of all time.

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