August 3 – Amsterdam Birthday Bits

CondelloAs a kid, I remember Tony Condello as an outstanding and under-rated schoolboy athlete. He played varsity football and baseball at Amsterdam High School and excelled at both. He was also his Dad’s son. Vince Condello was one of this town’s all-time great pigeon breeders and racers and of the four Condello children, it was Tony who most took to the sport and helped his dad train and race the birds. He was also a proud and long-time member of the Amsterdam Fire Department and his Tony’s Tavern on Lyons Street became one of Amsterdam’s most popular nightspots for many years. Today, he’s a proud dad and grandfather who plays golf with his son every Sunday and completely enjoys being a grandfather to his grandson David. Happy Birthday Tony!

matt cinquantiI can’t tell you how many people have walked up to me during the past thirty or so years of my life and told me how much they like my oldest son, Matthew Cinquanti. I know I’m a bit prejudiced, but I can understand why. He has always respected his elders, loved his friends and cherished his family. He’s always had a wonderful sense of humor that can strike at any time on any occasion. He’s always had this amazing outgoing personality that permits him to talk to anybody about any topic imaginable. He has a caring and tolerant heart. He and his beautiful wife Jennifer have given me and Rosemary three precious grandchildren and being able to watch him evolve into a wonderful Dad has been one of the greatest joys of my lifetime. He also has an outstanding work ethic. At the beginning of this century, Matt’s friend since childhood, Chris Covell asked my son to come work with him in a new company he had started called SmartWatt Energy Inc. Chris had developed a business plan that optimized financial incentives for clients to invest in energy conservation technologies and he needed people like Matt to help him sell and implement it. Matt was one of SmartWatt’s very first employees. Today, SmartWatt has 250 employees working at 18 different locations nationwide and recently exceeded the $50 million figure in annual sales. Matt is SmartWatt’s Vice President of Utility Programs. I’m so proud of him. Happy Birthday Matt! I love you!

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