August 1 – Happy Birthday Tom Fallows

(Here are some excerpts from my Birthday Post for former AHS Basketball-er Tom Fallows, the son of Colonel Lionel Fallows and his wife Joyce. If you’d like to read the entire post on Tommy it will appear in the August 2016 version of my Amsterdam NY Birthdays Newsletter, which will be distributed later this month. If you are not already on the distribution list for this FREE newsletter, you can sign up here.)

fallows5432… As a kid, Tommy Fallows was pretty gangly, all arms and legs. He had one of those amazing growth spurts in his early teen years and ended up being six feet five inches tall by the time he got to high school. It took him a while to catch up to that size on the basketball court. During his sophomore and even his junior seasons in the Amsterdam High School basketball program, he had a tendency to look clumsy and uncomfortable on the court. The fact was however, he was far from clumsy. Tommy was shooting in the seventies on area golf courses as a sixteen-year-old and believe me, that takes a level of coordination most people of any age can only dream about!

By the time he became a senior, Fallows had not only learned how to use his size efficiently, he was also much more confident of his abilities. I watched him play every home game that year and though teammates Buddy Flesh and Thom Safran got more points and press, Tommy played solidly game after game, accumulating several double-double performances and winning the team’s Most Improved Player award…

(To see the beginning and end of this post about Amsterdam native Tom Fallows make sure you sign up for the free Amsterdam NY Birthday Newsletter.)


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