July 31 – Happy Birthday Dr. Max Dreyfuss

DrDreyfuss444Here is an excerpt from my July 31 Amsterdam Birthday Blog post:

…My very favorite piece of furniture that moving day was an old and very ornate wooden medical examination table. It was a thing of beauty. Since I, my wife and our four children would all become Dr. Diamond’s patients, I became very familiar with that table over the next couple of decades. Even after he had built his own new and modern offices up off Route 30 and stopped using it, Dr. Diamond put that old table on display in the lobby so I still saw it from time to time.

So when I realized Dr. Max Dreyfuss was going to be my October 31 Amsterdam Birthday celebrant, the name stirred some memories and quite a bit of confusion. That moving day from many years ago was the first time I had ever set foot in the office of Dr. Dreyfuss and I had never met him personally. When I started writing this post, the only thing I knew about the guy was that he was born in Germany on October 31,1910, had an office at 159 Market and had been president of the Montgomery County Medical Society.

I actually started writing first about Dr. Walter M. Dreyfuss, thinking the middle initial stood for “Max.” That Dr. Dreyfuss had been born in Germany, his office was at 159 Market and he was once president of the county medical society. But then I found out he had died of a sudden heart attack in 1967. It made me wonder why Dr. Diamond would purchase the outdated patient list of someone who had passed away about fifteen years earlier. So I began digging into my reference sources a bit more and sure enough I found a second Dr. Dreyfuss in Amsterdam’s past.

This one was born on July 31, 1910 in Germany into a Jewish family. In his Mom’s 1973 obituary, it stated that she had left that country in 1940, when Hitler’s horrifying “final solution” was at it’s satanic peak. I’m not sure when this Dr. Dreyfus came to America but I know when and why he ended up in Amsterdam. He was the cousin of Dr. Walter Dreyfuss and in June of 1945, Dr. Max Dreyfuss moved north from Macon, Georgia to join his cousin’s practice. He would eventually evolve into one of the busiest doctor’s in the city during his prime. His name was frequently listed in newspaper accounts as the physician who treated the victims of accidents and tragedies that took place in and around this community all during the fifties and sixties. He was a very active member of the staff at the old City Hospital and remained…

My complete birthday post for Dr. Max Dreyfuss will appear in the new second edition of A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam, NY Birthdays, which will be available before the 2016 Holiday season. I also distribute an Amsterdam, NY Birthday Blog Monthly Newsletter that includes the full birthday posts for three of the twenty-to-thirty  people whose birthdays I recognize each month. Each newsletter also includes an Amsterdam Birthday Quiz that will test your knowledge and memory of people and events in your hometown.

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