June 22 – Happy Birthday Lennon Twins

tomlennon1joanlennon1Did you know that one out of about every 34 people in this world is a twin? There were 367 people in my Amsterdam High School Class of 1972, which means they should have included five sets of twins. We actually had seven in our graduating class.

The June 22 Amsterdam Birthday celebrants are two of my classmates from high school, Tom and Joan Lennon. Joan was a great student back then and made the National Honor Society. I used to play softball against her twin brother. Tom was a pitcher in those days with good control. I believe that both of the Lennon siblings still live in this area.

In addition to the Lennon’s my classmates included Karen and Anita Altieri, Mike and Pat DeRose, Joe and Shantalena Jenkins, Ann Marie and Tony Kokocki, Karen and Katherine Slezak, and Kathy and Richard Wood.

(This Amsterdam plumber who joined the Seabee’s during WWII was also born on June 22.)

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