May 18 – Happy Birthday Samuel Greco

Samuel2222Growing up in Amsterdam’s West End during the 1950’s and 60’s, everyone knew the Sam Greco who lived on Carmichael Street. I sort of thought of him back then as a young jack of all trades in our neighborhood because he could do everything well. For example, he was a great athlete. If there was a Guy Park Avenue School Kickball Hall of Fame, Sam would have been a unanimous selection. Ditto for his outstanding skills in baseball and football. And during his days on the legendary Shorty’s Clippers softball team he set a standard for playing short field that I don’t think will ever be matched.

He was also an outstanding trumpet player who during his playing days in high school teamed with the great Mike Pallotta and George Galleazza to form the best sounding student brass sections ever assembled on a Lynch stage.

He was a very smart kid too, especially in math and a natural born leader. I remember being an altar boy with him at St. Michael’s Church and there were times when even the priests would ask Sammy what they should do next.

He was a member of the Class of 1969 at Amsterdam High School and then went to Bryant University in Rhode Island, graduating in 1973 with a degree in Accounting. He accepted a position with Peat Marwick & Mitchell in Albany. He was fortunate to then get the opportunity to learn the hospital business from a very generous CFO at Kingston Hospital who taught him hospital operations by requiring Sam to shadow every position in the hospital. He had found his professional passion…

The rest of Sammy Greco’s birthday post will be published in the second edition of A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam NY Birthdays, which will be available for sale right after Thanksgiving. To make sure you get your hands on one of the first copies, join my mailing list here.

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Two of Sam’s classmates from that great Lynch Class of ’69 share his May 18th birthday.

One thought on “May 18 – Happy Birthday Samuel Greco

  1. One of these years Mike we have to make the trip to Dallas and watch the Giants BEAT the Cowboys as Sammy has so graciously offered many times before . What I love most about Sammy is despite all his success he is still at heart the great guy we grew up with ! Again Happy Birthday Sam !


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