March 22 – Happy Birthday Steve Serge

SteveSteve Serge was born on March 22, 1958 in Amsterdam. He graduated from Wilbur Lynch High School in 1976 and was a tough and scrappy catcher for Brian Mee’s AHS Varsity baseball team. I’ve known him since he was just a little kid and though he and I are extremely incompatible when it comes to our political views (: I’ve always liked him. Why? Well first of all, he comes from a great family. His dad Dom and my dad were good friends and co-workers for a lot of years. His Mom Caroline is an Amsterdam “Fariello” and a sweetheart. He has an older sister named Janet who I do not know and an older brother named Mike who I did because he was a St. Michael’s Church altar boy with me and my brothers and just a sincerely nice person.

The second reason I like Steve is because I admire people who work very hard and are good at what they do. Steve is the executive director of the Fulton County YMCA. Now being CEO of the Saratoga Y or the one down in Delmar, is not what I would consider that difficult a job. Why? Because your organization is located smack in the middle of a young, growing upscale demographic with plenty of disposable income and a penchant for staying fit and making sure their kids do the same. The YMCA facilities in those communities and the programs they sponsor are filled to the brim with waiting lists to get in.

But the communities of Fulton County are not Saratoga or Delmar. Both Gloversville and Johnstown are a lot more like Amsterdam, old northeast mill towns that have lost lots of their young people to areas with more employment opportunities, such as Saratoga and Delmar. YMCA’s located in struggling communities usually struggle to do well and many, like the one in Amsterdam have been forced to close their doors.

But guess what? The Fulton County YMCA has not only…

The rest of Steve Serge’s birthday post will be published in the second editionof A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam NY Birthdays, which will be available for sale right after Thanksgiving. To make sure you get your hands on one of the first copies, join my mailing list here.

The first edition of A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam NY Birthdays, which features my birthday posts for 320 current or former Amsterdam residents, is currently being sold at Liberty Fresh Market, on Route 30 in Amsterdam. You can also purchase it online here.

Steve shares his March 22 birthday with one of the most talented entertainers ever to be born in Amsterdam, NY.

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