March 18 – Happy Birthday Dr. Thomas Weyl

Dr.Tom Weyl and his celebrity look-a-like

Though today’s Amsterdam Birthday Celebrant was a popular pediatric physician in this town for over 30 years, Dr. Tom Weyl is perhaps best remembered as the Greater Amsterdam School District physician who used to be on the sidelines for every Amsterdam High Rugged Ram football game each fall. I’ll never forget one rainy Friday night under the lights at Lynch Stadium. Weyl was wearing his trademark cowboy hat with the collar of his coat turned up high on his neck trying to stay dry and warm at the same time. It was the halftime show and I had probably moved down to the fence to watch my daughter perform with the band on the field. I just remember being about two feet away from Weyl’s back, when he turned and looked right at me. At that moment in the shadows of the lights with water draining off the rim of that hat, he reminded me so much of the legendary movie director, John Huston.

Dr. Weyl’s grandfather, Thomas J Weyl had come to Amsterdam from Roxbury, NY in 1913 to take the cashier’s position at the City National Bank. In 1950 he was named president of that same institution. In 1920, his son Robert C. Weyl, a Yale graduate and WWI veteran married an Amsterdam High School history teacher named Helen Johnson. They would become the parents of Dr. Weyl, who was born on March 18, 1929.

As a youngster he was sent to Williston Academy Preparatory School in East Hampton, Massachusetts. He then went on to graduate from Amherst in 1951 and Albany Medical College in 1957. After doing his internship and residency he received a fellowship from the American Academy of Pediatrics in Elk Grove, Illinois and opened his practice in pediatric medicine here in Amsterdam in 1960.

During his long career he served as …

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On March 18th last year, I paid tribute to Amsterdam’s first black political activist.

2 thoughts on “March 18 – Happy Birthday Dr. Thomas Weyl

  1. I thought he was the best, the Dr. Spock of Amsterdam! Of course the younger generation will not know who Dr. Spock was. All 3 of my kids were taken care of by his no-nonsense approach.


  2. Played a lot of Golf with Tom in the early eighties until about 1990 . It took about 3 or 4 four rounds until I even knew he was a Doctor . He was a pretty good player and a great guy . I graduated with his wife Barbara . He had a great sense of humor and could talk Golf for hours .


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