Amsterdam’s Own Film Festival


For the second day in a row this Blog celebrates the birthday of a former Amsterdam resident who has appeared in a motion picture. Her name was Lucille Bremer. You’ll find a link to the blog post I wrote about this amazing dancer and one-time Hollywood starlet below.

If you’re looking for something to do on a bad weather weekend, I’ve compiled an Amsterdam Film Festival. Its a nine pack (pictured above) of DVDs consisting of some classic movies that include at least one appearance by one-time residents of Amsterdam, NY. I’ve also compiled a growing list of folks who live or lived in Amsterdam and also have a film appearance on their resume. This list includes:

Tom Stewart (appeared as Sparky in the movie Jaws II)
Ruth Zakarian (appeared as Princess Luna in the movie “The Lords of Magick”)
Jessica (Capogna) Collins (appeared in “Leprechaun 4 In Space” and as a “fake” stewardess in “Catch Me if You Can”)
Randy Becker (appeared as Ramon in the movie Love! Valour! Compassion!)
Mary Duncan (wife of Laddie Sanford)
Tim Riley (appeared as “Hulk” in the movie Taps, starring George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton, Tom Cruise and Sean Penn)
Bob Going (appeared as an extra in the movie “The Way We Were”)

Dan Kelly Jr. (appeared as an extra in the movie “The Social Network”)

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