February 16 – Happy Birthday Ed Tesiero

ECT444Edward C. (Ed) Tesiero always loved cars. Born in Amsterdam on February 16, 1906, he was one of eight children (seven boys and a girl) raised by Anthony and Mary Spedaro Tesiero. He partnered with two of his brothers, Jim and Bart to form Tesiero Brothers Motors in the 1920s, which sold used cars and was originally located at 401 West Main Street. Today’s Amsterdam Birthday celebrant also owned and operated the Tesiero Oil Company, which was located on Lyons Street. In 1957, the owner of the Gloversville Chevy dealership sold his business to the owner of the Johnstown Chevy dealership, who then in turn sold his Johnstown dealership to Tesiero. Two years later, Amsterdam’s Chevy dealership went up for sale and Tesiero purchased that as well. Tesiero’s original Amsterdam Chevrolet showroom was located at the eastern corner of Guy Park and Pine across the street from the old A&P Market and J&B Auto Chrysler dealership. It was the heyday of America’s Chevy era with Dinah Shore belting out the car-making giant’s famous jingle “See the USA in a Chevrolet” every week during commercial breaks on her popular television show. I remember leaning up against the front window of that Tesiero showroom on my daily walks to and from Theodore Roosevelt Junior High and drooling over whatever new….

I’ve already started work on the second volume of “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays” and Ed Tesiero’s complete story will be featured in it. I will be sharing the complete posts of some of the Volume II birthday celebrants in future issues of the Amsterdam Birthday Blog Newsletter. If you are not yet a newsletter subscriber, you can sign up for free here.

February 16th is also the birthday of this Amsterdam-born GE executive.

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