January 28 – Happy Birthday Donald E. Tesiero

TesieroAd24Here are two excerpts from my story about this former Amsterdam pharmacist. His entire story appears in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order a copy, click here.

…Tesiero’s Uncle, Thomas R. Tesiero was one of Amsterdam’s most successful pharmacists. He had owned and operated pharmacies at several Rug City locations since the 1920’s, the largest of which was located at 186 Market Street. In 1950, Thomas married Martha Reinhart who had two grown children from a previous marriage. One was a daughter named Janet Long. Janet went to work for her stepfather at the 186 Market Street apothecary. In 1953, Donald Tesiero married Janet and eventually also went to work for his uncle at the Market Street location. When Thomas Tesiero died in 1966, Donald and Janet took over ownership of Tesiero’s Professional Apothecary…

…Over the next three decades he became one of Amsterdam’s most popular pharmacists. His Market Street parking lot was always full. He used to use a unique display ad marketing technique for his business in the Amsterdam Recorder newspaper. The ads always appeared in the upper left hand corner of an inner page. He labeled them “Pharmacy Footnotes” and included his picture and his name in the heading. Each ad would start out with some sort of health and wellness tip. He would then tie in a product or service customers could obtain at his place of business…

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