January 8 – Happy Birthday Frank Pabis

pabis2Here’s some excerpts from my story about this gifted Amsterdam entrepreneur which appears in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order a copy, click here.

Today’s birthday celebrant is certainly a candidate for the title “Most Successful Amsterdam, NY Industrial Entrepreneur.” Frank Pabis was born in Amsterdam started his Mohawk Finishing company in Amsterdam and grew it into a four million dollar business that employed as many as 140 residents of the Greater Amsterdam community.

He was born on January 8, 1915. After picking potatoes as a boy on his father’s farm north of the city, Pabis got a job in a local furniture store and found his life’s calling…..

…Pabis’s idea was to produce and sell complete easy-to-use and affordable repair solutions for damaged furniture. His market consisted of furniture makers, distributors and stores. He capitalized his business with a $5,000 investment. He located it in an abandoned garage on John Street in the east end of Amsterdam. He did his own research and development, formulated his own products and even designed and created the mechanical processes and machines he used to make the products. …

…Pabis built a huge 25,000 square foot plant for his company, which was rather nostalgically located on the site of his father’s old farm, north of Amsterdam, where as a kid, he had once picked potatoes. The new facility included a state of the art laboratory, which would enable the firm to introduce new products faster than ever. Also included in the new location were training facilities, where customers of the business could come to learn how to apply the latest furniture repair products and processes…


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