January 4 – Happy Birthday Kathy “Bylina” Izzano

izzanoToday is Kathy Bylina’s birthday. Actually, she’s no longer a Bylina. Her last name is Izzano now. That’s because she married Jim Izzano about four decades ago. Both Kathy and Jim were my good friends and classmates in the Wilbur Lynch Class of “1972.” In fact, the two of them started dating way back then and were voted Mr. & Miss AHS in the “Class Consensus”. that was included in our 1972 Lynch Yearbook. (For some absurd reason, I was voted Class Clown in that same poll!)

Back in our high school days, Kathy was a friendly vivacious captain of the cheerleading squad who always had a smile on her face and a kind word to share. Jimmy was a funny, very outgoing kid from the South Side. Even though he was barely over five feet tall, he was built like a fire hydrant and was a power house running back for an AHS Rugged Ram football team that captured two consecutive Class A titles.

After getting married, they settled in the Town of Amsterdam and raised a son and a daughter, while building successful careers of their own. Jimmy could sell a hair brush to Vin Diesel and the last I knew, Kathy was still helping healthcare facilities solve problems as a Director of Professional Services with MedAssets.

She’s still as friendly and vivacious as she was back in high school and her and her slightly crazy husband are both regular golfer’s at Amsterdam Muni, which is where I run into them most often. I frequently try to remind Jimmy how lucky he was to find a girl like Kathy for a wife. Whenever I do he just rolls his eyes and asks “Not quite as lucky as she was though, right?” I never ever answer in the affirmative.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

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