November 26 – Happy Birthday Linda Selbert

Selbert2I think its fair to say that today’s featured Birthday Celebrant is responsible for bringing a Christmas Miracle to Amsterdam, NY. In 1997 the Amsterdam High School Marching Band was invited to perform at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia. Linda Selbert, whose daughter Dara was a member of the band at the time, accompanied the Marching Rams on that trip as a chaperone. While they were in Atlanta, they drove through Centennial Olympic Park, which was all lit up with decorative lights. Linda absolutely loved the concept and decided right then and there she’d like to bring it back to Amsterdam with her.

She and her husband, optometrist Dr. Robert Selbert own one of Amsterdam, NY’s finest homes on 154 Brookside Avenue. One of the magnificent property’s features is a pass through driveway that connects the Brookside boundary of their lot with the Market Street side. The meandering path is perhaps a thousand feet long and is bordered by an abundance of trees on both sides. Selbert’s idea was to turn that drive into a Christmas light display as a fundraising event for the Marching Band. It turned out to be one of the greatest fundraising ideas in the history of Amsterdam, NY…

You can read more about this band booster extraordinaire in the new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.”

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