November 3 – Happy Birthday Felix Persico

Felice-Persico-1438352972Lot’s of people in this town who are my age felt a lot sadder and older this past summer when we heard the news that Felix Persico had passed away. For much of his life he was known as “Shorty’s boy.” If you were his friend three things were certain; you were one of many, you argued with him fifty percent of the time, and you absolutely loved being with him.

It took some serious health issues to slow him down because nothing else ever could. For most of his life he exercised like a demon and then wore those infamous short shorts and armless sweatshirts just about 12 months a year to show us all the results. He moved from his beloved South Side a long time ago, but he came back across that bridge just about every day.

He was employed by the Thruway. If you were a commuter who used that toll road to get to and from work every day, you got used to seeing Felix working on a road crew, manning a snow plow or operating that backhoe high up on the ledge of that dark-rocked cliff that borders Exit 27’s entrance ramp. He worked like he did everything else in his life, hard as hell. Then his back gave out…

You can read the rest of my story about this Amsterdam native in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

4 thoughts on “November 3 – Happy Birthday Felix Persico

  1. Felix was Mr. Amsterdam in many ways. I moved away from the Amsterdam area in 1980, but came back at the least once a year and usually I ran into Felix every year. He always knew who I was, and alway had a wise ass remark for me, like I thought you left this area and what are you doing back here. I always knew if I stop on the Southside once or twice I would run into Felix. There was only one.Felix and I’m sure he will be missed by many people from the Amsterdam. God bless you Felix, and may you Rest in Peace!


    1. Thank you Mike! True words about Felix. I had not seen him in a long while, but in thinking about him recall with smiles how he would visit Gabe, Tony, Mark, Rich S. and myself in the old Crystal Bar 30 years ago while we made pizzas and sandwiches. Yes, he was a true original!


  2. Felix was a old friend from the South Side but when Mohasco moved to Georgia in 1982 I went with them. When I did come back to Amsterdam I would go by the old coffee shop and Felix would always come in and it a was Oh my god Bobbie Brown you moving back to Amsterdam!! he was a great friend we had a lot of good times he was one of a kind!!
    Rest in peace you will be missed.

    Bob Brown


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