October 1 – Happy Birthday Art Hoefs

2hoefsArt Hoefs had to be one of the busiest people in Amsterdam. At one time in the early 1960’s, my family lived next to his on upper Guy Park Avenue and I can attest to the fact that during those three or so years, the guy was almost always working.

He was born in Amsterdam, NY on October 1, 1917 and was raised on Caroline Street with his three brothers and a sister. He was a cheerleader with his classmate Isadore Demsky (aka Kirk Douglas) at Wilbur Lynch High School where he graduated in 1934. His youngest daughter Kim told me that he then attended Union College and studied journalism.

A talented percussionist, Art was a featured drummer in local bands all his life. He played with popular Amsterdam bandleaders like Dean Dale, Tony Brooks and Dusty Miller. Kim told me that her Dad also took classes at both the Columbia School of Journalism and Julliard School of Music and while in New York City, he worked for the New York Mirror newspaper and played drums for both Broadway and burlesque shows and also with the Gene Krupa Band.

During WWII, he was a member of the Army Air Force Band. After the war, he started his career in sports reporting first with the Schenectady Gazette before moving over to his hometown Amsterdam Evening Recorder in 1960, where he became the well-known and highly respected Sports Editor of that newspaper in ‘64…

You can read the rest of my story about this popular Amsterdam sports journalist in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.


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