August 13 – Happy Birthday Art Brumley

Art with his wife Kim
Art with his wife Kim

I’ve known Art Brumley most of my life. He was born on this date in 1951. When we were kids, we lived about 500 feet from each other in Amsterdam’s West End. Artie was one of my oldest brother’s best friends. They were in the same 1969 graduating class at Wilbur Lynch High School. He then attended SUNY Plattsburgh and it was during his college days that the two of us also became close friends.

We played a lot of softball together, which meant we also drank lots of beer together as well. There were early signs that he was one smart cookie. For example, he was the first person I ever met who knew all the words to the Elton John hit from the 1970’s, “Bennie and the Jets.” We bowled on the same team, golfed in the same foursome. We’ve watched every Super Bowl together since about 1975. We played cut-throat Trivial Pursuit games every Thanksgiving eve for about fifteen straight years. Some of the funnest times in my life were shared with Art, who was given the nickname “Bo Brummel” by my brother Jerry Cinquanti.

It took him a while to decide what he wanted to do with his career, but once he figured it out, he progressed rapidly. He came into his own professionally as the controller of ElectroMetrics, when that firm was located on Church Street in Amsterdam. He earned his CPA and then became the controller of the prestigious New York State Research Foundation.

Just over a decade ago, the Greater Amsterdam School District’s tax rate was headed through the roof. Artie and my brother Jerry decided to do something about it…

You can read the rest of my story about Art in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

One thought on “August 13 – Happy Birthday Art Brumley

  1. Mike, what a beautiful tribute you made to my brother Art. It brought tears to my eyes. It does not surprise me one bit that he knew every word to Bennie and the Jets. To this day, whenever a James Taylor song comes on the radio, Art will sing every word. Thanks for making his Birthday and even better one today. That’s what friends are for…


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