July 19 – Happy Birthday Anne Harrington & Charley Pedersen

Throughout its history, Amsterdam, NY has been fortunate to have some of its finest residents move here and adopt our community as their home. Today we celebrate the birthday’s and accomplished lives of two such transplants:

Anne Harrington – Back in the sixties, the West End was a pretty fertile breeding ground for large families. Several of the folks in our old neighborhood had at least three children and families like the Sise’s, Minch’s, McDermott’s, Capel’s, Nicosia’s, Vassi’s and Hoef’s went well beyond that number. So did Jack and Anne Harrington. Jack worked for the Post Office and Anne was a gifted nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital and later with the Amsterdam School District. She was born a Casey in Troy, NY and came to the Rug City to attend St. Mary’s School of Nursing. She ended up sticking around. Her and Jack had ten children…

Charles Pedersen – Like Anne Harrington, Charlie was another July 19th Birthday Celebrant who wasn’t born here but decided to make this City his permanent home. After graduating from college in the Big Apple with a degree in marketing and advertising, this native of Brooklyn went to work for the Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co. division located in Thompsonville, CT. He was soon transferred to Amsterdam. He and his beloved wife Betty purchased a house on Lindsay St. and proceeded to fall in love with their new hometown. In 1955, Bigelow-Sanford made its decision to abandon Amsterdam. The Pedersen’s decided to stick around. He got a sales job with a new company in town called Fiber Glass Industries. It worked out OK. When he retired a few decades later, he was Executive…

You can read the rest of my stories about Anne & Jack in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

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