July 1 – Happy Birthday Dr. William H. Robb

On February 28, this Blog recognized the Birthday of Dr. Charles Stover, beginning his post with the the sentence, “He just may have been the greatest and most influential medical doctor to ever practice in our Rug City.” We were forced to use the phrase “May have been,” because today’s Birthday Celebrant Dr. William H. Robb battled him for that distinction back before the turn of the Twentieth Century and the two legendary physicians in fact were partners for a four year period. Based on the historical information we’ve read, Doctor’s Robb & Stover did as much for the practice of medicine in Amsterdam as Masters & Johnson did for the practice of sex in America.

French was the older of the two. He was born of the South Side of Amsterdam in the Town of Florida on July 1, 1843. His family moved to Saratoga for a time but returned to Amsterdam in time to see Robb graduate from Amsterdam Academy in 1862. With the Civil War raging, he taught school for a year and then began studying medicine under another Amsterdam Doctor named Jacob Snell. He then formally graduated from Albany Medical College in 1865 and went into his first partnership with Snell in 1866 and remained with him for the next 7 years, before striking out on his own. It was during this time when he took the young Stover under his wing as a student and and in 1880, the two went into partnership for the next four years…

You can read the rest of my story about this Amsterdam-born physician in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

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