June 10 – Happy Birthday Chris Covell

chris covellIf you remember watching the 1995-96 State Champion Amsterdam Rugged Rams football team then you should also remember that team’s senior quarterback, Chris Covell. Chris is the same age as my oldest son Matt and they became close friends in middle school, sharing a near-fanatic devotion to the Yankees, the football Giants and the Boston Celtics. Frank Derrico told me he made Chris the QB of that State Championship team because the kid knew how to lead. Boy was he right about that.

When Chris left AHS, he still had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player but after playing football during his freshman year at Buffalo State, he realized he was not going to be a professional athlete and he also realized he was not going to stay at Buffalo State. He ended up at Northeastern, where he got his bachelor’s in business administration and where he met his future wife, Kerry. When he graduated, he and Kerry decided to travel the world until there money ran out and then come back home and make a life for themselves.

SmartWattVectorThey settled in Saratoga and Chris got a job selling industrial lighting. Excuse the pun but within a few months of being in that job, the light bulb turned on in Chris’s head. He recognized that as energy costs grew the incentives for business to invest in improved energy efficiencies would grow with it. At the age of 23, he decided to start his own company, one that specialized in helping businesses make the most efficient lighting decisions possible…

You can read the rest of my story about this Amsterdam-born entrepreneur in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

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