June 4 – Happy Birthday Guy Tomlinson & Matthew Orante

A double-header for Amsterdam’s Birthday Blog today and it is/was my pleasure to be able to call each of today’s celebrants a friend.

TomlinsonI was a backyard neighbor of Guy Tomlinson’s during the years we were both raising our respective kids. I remember when he first moved in, an aspiring young lawyer with a lovely wife named MaryAnn, he used to wear this God-awful draw string safari-type hat when he attempted to do yard work. Fortunately for Guy, he turned out to be a much better lawyer than he was a landscaper, able to climb out of the imposing shadow left by his well-known jurist dad Malcolm, to establish his own much-respected space in Amsterdam’s legal community. He became Montgomery County Assistant DA in 1979 and was elected District Attorney…

MattOranteJust a few days ago, this blog recognized the birthday of one-half of one of Amsterdam’s all-time coolest couples, the interior decorator Isabelle Orante. Today is her late husband Matthew’s birthday. I got to know Matthew Orante very well during my bartending days at a well-known watering hole on Amsterdam’s Market Street. He would stop by at lunch time and order one of his patented coffee’s to go, loudly letting everyone wthin earshot know that he wanted it with “with five and sometimes even six sugars.” Only he and I knew what “sugars” really stood for…

You can read the rest of my stories about these two Amsterdam personalities in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

One thought on “June 4 – Happy Birthday Guy Tomlinson & Matthew Orante

  1. Loved the birthday blog today especially about Guy Tomlinson. We join you in wishing him a happy birthday. Pete & Carol Quinn formerly of Amsterdam, currently of Augusta Georgia.


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