Answers to Amsterdam, NY West End Trivia Quiz


Answer to Question No. 1: The six story Pioneer Broom factory was located on the northwestern corner of West Main and Pine Streets.

Answer to Question No. 2: The thirteen streets that run from West Main Street to Guy Park Avenue are Steadwell, Genevieve, Ann, Henrietta, Evelyn, Caroline, Tryon, Clinton, Bayard, Guy, Pine, Wall and Market

Answer to Question No. 3: There have been seven pizza-making establishments located within the West End which have been open at some point during the past half-century. They are Marcellino’s, Russo’s, Minnitti’s, Sammy Pepe’s, Bosco’s, Tony’s and Greco’s Bakery.

Answer to Question No. 4: His name was Albert Turo and he owned and operated the Esso gas station that was located across from the foot of Bayard Street next to the now-closed Sansalone’s Market. Al ran that station for close to a half century. One year after he took over the location, Esso introduced their “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” ad campaign and it became one of the most successful and longest lasting promotions in history. Al’s youngest son Tom later took over ownership of the business from his dad and ran it for many years.

Answer to Question No. 5: The name of the furniture store that used to be located on the corner of Division and Clinton Streets was Cal’s Furniture, after the owner, Johnny Cal. 

Answer to Question No. 6: This West Main Street building pictured above and currently being used as a bottle deposit and return center was once the home of Mohawk Finishing Corp, a company founded by Amsterdam native Frank Pabis which produced a huge line of furniture repair products that later relocated to a new and modern plant on Route 30.



John Pepe

Answer to Question No. 7: John Pepe (pictured above) was the only son of Sammy Pepe who did not go to work at his father’s West Main St. restaurant as an adult. Instead, he went to college for his engineering degree and eventually became the long time Commissioner of Public Works for Montgomery County. His three younger brothers, Jim, Sam  and Joe all had long careers at the restaurant.

Answer to Question No. 8: The Division Street Barber who doubled as a WCSS disc jockey was the late Joe Mason (pictured above), whose popular barber shop was located on the corner of Division and Guy Streets,


Answer to Question No. 9: The Sixth Ward War Memorial was built and dedicated in 1925.

Answer to Question No. 10: West End independently owned neighborhood markets that were open for business at some point during the past fifty years included: Andy’s, Sansalone’s and currently El Caribe on West Main Street. C&B’s, Greco’s, Green’s, Shelly’s, Salamack’s, Boice’s/Farrel’s/Mezzano’s, Califano’s, Fusella’s and Pic-n-Totem on Division St. 

Frank “Bam” Frollo


Answer to Question No. 11:

A. The gray jacketed waiter who manned the popular “booth” room at Isabel’s tavern was Gerry “Pup” Isabel.

B. The Minnitti who used to sell merchandise from the trunk of his car was Anthony “Ace” Minnitti.

C. The Russo who for years ran the Clubhouse concession at the Amsterdam Muni Golf Course was Angelo “Babe” Russo.

D. The Frollo who was one of the most popular bartenders in town was Frank “Bam” Frollo.

E. The Greco who was a talented basketball player as a schoolboy and the head coach of the Amsterdam Varsity hoops team as an adult as Tony “Hot Stuff” Greco.

Answer to Question No. 12: The father and son duo who both starred for Amsterdam High School Football teams thirty years apart are both named Tony Sculco.

Answer to Question No. 13: The Amsterdam Soldier was Auggie Greco and the West Main Street business he started was Auggie’s Auto Parts

Answer to Question No. 14: The annual St. Agnello Festival was always held in August.


Answer to Question No. 15: The hillside town in southern Italy that was the original home to many of the Italian families who settled in Amsterdam during the early 1900’s was Pisciotta, in the province of Salerno.

Answer to Question No. 16: The only Drugstore open for business in the entire West End during the first half of the 20th Century was Lindsay, Lindsay & Palmer. When a new medical office building opened on the site of the former West Spring School on Guy Park Avenue in the late 1960’s, it also included a small but highly efficient pharmacy run by a wonderful and kind woman whose first name was Greta.

Answer to Question No. 17: Of the four West End couples listed it was Jack and Anne Harrington who parented the most children with 11. Bob and Theresa Sise were in second place with their brood of nine sons followed by Tom and June McDermott who raised seven kids in their Division Street home. Frank and Anna Vassi brought up their six boys of their own.


Answer to Question No. 18: Amsterdam’s first Italian-American Mayor was Frank Martuscello (pictured above). He was first elected in 1956 and then again in 1960.

Answer to Question No. 19: Harry Bowler’s new West Main Street Brewery was considered one of the country’s most state of the art beer and ale-making facilities in the country, when it opened in 1896.

Answer to Question No. 20: The original Carpetland was located on Forbes Street and began initially as a carpet-cleaning business. By the time John Torani moved the business to it’s landmark 411 West Main Street location, Carpetland was on its way to becoming a carpet-selling bonanza.







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