May 18 – Happy Birthday Dr. Peter Diamond & Bob Fetterly

diamand-peter-m-d_lWithout a doubt, my family and I have been blessed for the past thirty-plus years because we were fortunate enough to have Dr. Peter Diamond as our family physician. I can’t describe how difficult it is for me to accept the fact that he has retired.

Now before I get too sentimental, let me first share the story of my favorite Dr. Diamond office visit, one which exhibits the other side of one of Amsterdam’s most respected medical minds. When I was in my mid-thirties, I was invited to try and resurrect my softball career with a local team. I was playing third base when some young Pete Rose wannabe attempted to bowl me over with a hard slide. He succeeded and the next morning my knee had ballooned up to twice its size. I went into see the good Doctor and as was always the case when I did something stupid and injured myself, his first reaction was to laugh at me. Then he sent me over to St. Mary’s for an X-ray, instructing me to have the radiologist call him as soon as the X-ray had been read….

722135One of Dr. Diamond’s classmates from the Amsterdam High School Class of 1969 and another long time friend of mine also would have celebrated a birthday today. Bob Fetterly passed away in January of last year after a long and very difficult illness. Nobody loved his community more than he loved Amsterdam and fortunately for all of us, he was always willing to do whatever he could to make this a better place to raise our families. To describe just a few examples, he served on the Boards of the Greater Amsterdam School District, Liberty Enterprises, Montgomery County Industrial Development Agency, the YMCA and the Amsterdam Waterfront Commission.

Bob just didn’t sit on these Boards, he was one of those people who…

You can read the rest of my stories about these two accomplished Amsterdam natives in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

One thought on “May 18 – Happy Birthday Dr. Peter Diamond & Bob Fetterly

  1. Was a member of the Class of 69 and remember both guys well. Dr. Peter is not only the doctor my late mother missed when she left Amsterdam, but was always nice even in high school to most everyone. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the time with your wife and hope you can travel together as well. I recently retired as well.
    Having left the area many years ago, I was not aware Bob Fetterly had passed away, but do remember him as a cheerful guy who also got along with most others. RIP Bob. Best wishes to your family.
    – Marylou (Bablin) Abbott


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