May 1 – Happy Birthday Mike Sampone & Bob Purtell

samponeHappy Birthday Mike Sampone – On the morning of September 11th, 2001, Amsterdam’s Mike Sampone was supposed to have been meeting with staff in the New York State Department of Taxation & Finance office that was located on the 86th floor of Tower II of the World Trade Center. A last minute change of plans is quite likely all that kept Mike from being one of the 40 employees in that office who were killed in that morning’s infamous attack. Not only were several of these victims direct reports to Mike, they were also his close friends. I will never forget hearing Mike tell this story the first time and seeing the sadness in his eyes as he did so. What helped him recover was …

purtellHappy Birthday Bob Purtell – Ironically, today also happens to be the birthday of another good friend of mine who also happens to sell real estate. His name is Bob Purtell. I met Bob just five years ago, when I was initially asked to serve with him on the Board of Directors for Liberty/Montgomery County ARC. I liked him immediately. He’s the kind of guy who speaks up for people who can’t or don’t do a very good job of speaking up for themselves. He also …

You can read the rest of my stories about these two Amsterdam natives in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.

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