April 11 – Can you identify these 10 Amsterdam “Tom’s”

Can you identify the last names of these ten Amsterdam “Tom’s”

1) Who is the “Tom” who once owned Inman’s Manufacturing Company on Guy Park Avenue?

2) Who is the “Tom” who is credited with creating “the environmental symbol of a more rRosieesponsible America?”

3) Which Amsterdam doctor named Tom is most likely to hold the record for most babies delivered in Amsterdam hospitals?

4) Who is the “Tom” who was Mayor of Amsterdam during the late 1950’s?

5) Who is the “Tom” who was the longtime golf pro at Normanside Country Club in Delmar, NY?

6) Who is the “Tom” who was a well-known Amsterdam mailman and spent his retirement years beautifying the wonderful Veteran’s Memorial Park on the very western end of our City?

7) Who is the Tom who rushed for a 60 yard touchdown in Amsterdam’s 35-14 victory over Geneva in the 2005 New York State Class A football championship game in the Carrier Dome?

8) Who is the “Tom” who used to be the hard-throwing starting pitcher for the Baia’s team in Amsterdam’s City Night Softball League back in the 1970’s?

9) Who is the “Tom” who is without a doubt Amsterdam’s greatest modern-day humanitarian?

10) Who is the “Tom” who owned Tom’s Luncheonette?

You can to the “Amsterdam Tom’s Quiz” in my new book “A Year’s Worth of Amsterdam Birthdays.” To order your copy, click here.


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